12/06 - 12/07

We are getting into the colder weather here but so far we’ve only had snow flurries. I miss having a garage; I try to remember to start the car a few minutes before I have to leave for work so it can defrost the windows.

Got our Christmas decorations up now. We bought a 32” artificial tree with fiber-optic lights. I set it up on the table and put a few ornaments on it. We also have several Santa figurines doing various cooking activities – BBQing, doing dishes, baking cookies, etc. I hung the small ones up from hooks over the couch and set the larger ones out on any available surface. The Nativity scene, of course, is out – it’s by the driver’s seat area. I put the little tree Mom gave me outside the door and hung a red wreath on the front of the RV.  

I finally rented a carpet cleaner. I had to clean the carpet at least four times before the water quit being black, but eventually it did get cleaner.

Sunday was a busy day at church. We went to the 10:30 morning service, and after the service the church had its Christmas lunch. It was really good – baked ham, fried chicken, with lots of side dishes like salads, mac-and-cheese, corn, etc and lots of desserts. Then in the evening a vocal group came to sing at the church. They are a family of parents, 4 daughters and one son-in-law. The music was sort of southern-gospel, with a strong bluegrass sound. Afterwards everyone went to the large kitchen area, where several ladies had setup coffee, apple cider, punch, and every cookie imaginable. Randy had worked all day Saturday with Aaron and I was busy with the carpet, so we contributed some store-bought cookies for that.