Tuesday, February 29 2012

A combination of things led us to the decision to not travel very far this summer.  We looked for a place to stay for the next few months and decided to try the Anaheim Resort RV Park.  They offered us Workamping jobs, so today Randy started in Maintenance and I started in the office.  This will be our first summer in California; our cousins tell us it will be hot, but I simply cannot believe it will be as intense as the heat and humidity combination of St. Louis.  We should only be working part-time, which will give us time to stay in touch with family as well as see the area.  We are parked less than a mile from Disneyland, and at night we can see the Disney fireworks from our window!

February 23, 2012

Three weeks gone without any Blog entries.  What have we been doing, just goofing off?  Well, actually. . . yes.
I realize that I haven't blogged anything because I haven’t taken any pictures.  We are in an area that we’ve been in before, so I’ve already got pictures of everything.
When we arrived  here in early February, it was with a sense of homecoming.  Our family always offers us a very warm welcome, which is why we keep coming back!  But there is a nice little bonus here - the comfortable feeling of knowing our way around.  Streets like Arlington, Tyler and Magnolia are well known to us now;  we can get where we want to go without using the GPS for everything.  That’s a nice feeling that “homebodies” (ie non-RVers) hardly notice.
After we got here, we settled in to take care of some tasks.  It’s time to decide if we really need everything we have in the RV, so we have been going through every drawer, cabinet and bay to get rid of what we can, and repack the rest.  Unfortunately the side-effect to all of this is that now when we want to find something, we remember where it used to be, which is not necessarily where it is now. 
And all those boxes and boxes of seashells that I collected on our journey westward - just rinsing off them does not get rid of the smell.  So I unpacked all the shells we picked up on Florida, Alabama and Texas beaches, bleached them, sorted them by quality, color and size, and looked for matching pairs that would make pretty earrings.  
The first week we were here, we detailed and repaired an RV for some friends of Teresa.  I got so inspired that I want to refurbish our own RV.  For the past 2 years, every single time we settled in one place for an extended period of time, I said we would replace our awful carpet.  I said the same thing this time, with the same results - nada.  But soon, I think . . . I did start painting the bathroom cabinet doors.  Got the wrong color, but at least I started!
Randy has been going fishing with Jack a lot.  Sadly, he has just been fishing - not actually catching.  But a bad day of fishing beats almost any other day, right?
Several nights a week we have been working (if you can call it work) on stage sets for the Riverside Children’s Theater presentation of the Wizard of Oz.  The folks who are building the sets, mostly volunteers, are using their imagination to create some of the best sets ever!  I’ve been painting some side panels that will be used to fill out the stage, while Randy is helping build sets for center stage.  Cousin Teresa is the director, so this will be a really great play. 
The weather here has been good.  It gets pretty cool at night; we set the furnace to 55 and some nights it kicks on.  I start the day in sweat pants, and then it warms up so much that I have switch to shorts.  One day it rained, but they need rain so bad here that we couldn’t mind it.
So that’s pretty much what’s been going on here.  Great people, nice weather, relaxing schedule, and Randy and Teresa are taking turns fixing dinner - what more can I ask for?